EXIDE Technologies

Exide was founded in U.S in 1888 by W.W.Gibbs.

In 1900 the company devolped a product of less weight and greater capacity for electric taxicabs. This battery was the first to bear the name Exide, short for Excellent Oxide.

When the United States entered World War I, Exide batteries were used to operate airplane radio sets and power radio stations  During World War II , Exide was the major supplier of batteries for U.S. Navy submarines.

Nowadays about 15.000 people are working in Exide. In 10 last years Exide expanded and incorporate many different companies and brands.  Exide is in the first place in design, production and marketing of batteries for automotive sector and  of static batteries for industrial sector .

Exide is worldwide leader in electric automotive sector for its significant designs. Different kind of vehicles , hybrid or totally electric, supplied by this kind of batteries, are now passing through our cities roads

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